The Future of this Blog

You will have noticed there hasn’t been much activity on this blog of recent times. The reason is that I think it has now outlived its usefulness in its present format. Here’s what’s coming:

1. A format upgrade to a proper website, not just a blog. This will involve a cataloguing of the Q&A section, where you’ll be able to search for topics, so I don’t get asked the same questions over and over.

2. I’m writing a book, so most of my time will be going into that. I’ll post segments of it online from time to time. But right now I’m looking for suggestions for a title. At this stage it’s going to be “Dr Chemical’s ultimate guide to stain removal” but I’m open to suggestions. A free copy to anyone who comes up with the winning title

5 thoughts on “The Future of this Blog

  1. As a pharmacist on weekdays and a housewife on weekends the science of your blog is really interesting and very useful. I really look forward to your book.

    As for a title: “The Science of Stains” or “Smart Stain Removal by Dr Chemical”

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