Shannon Lush gets it wrong #4

Yesterday on 6PR Shannon Lush gave to a listener what is probably the most ridiculous advice I have ever heard given on-air about anything.

A listener called in with an ink stain from a biro on a beige leather sofa.

Shannon’s advice to remove it was to use rotten milk. She told the listener to put milk out in the sun for three days, and then after it has gone rotten, rub the “chunky bits” over the ink stain.

Two questions immediately spring to mind:

1. For all the people who politely say “thanks very much” when such advice is given, has anyone actually done this? Has anyone ever actually followed this advice? Or after ringing off do they jump onto Google to try to find something more practical?

2. What do you do about the smell of rotten milk all over your sofa (which brings me        back to Q1)?

Apparently she has never heard of isopropanol, otherwise known as isopropyl alcohol.

Image result for isopropyl alcohol

This stuff, available from Jaycar Electronics, will get it off easily with a bit of rubbing. It’s probably the most versatile and useful cleaning chemical in existence, so keep it around for 1001 other applications.

An alternative is acetone

Image result for acetone bunnings

Be a bit careful with acetone though – it’s a more aggressive solvent than isopropanol. It won’t damage the leather, but will probably leave the surface dull as it will strip the natural oils from the surface. This is easily restored, however, with neatsfoot oil

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