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  1. I have removed old window tint from a lounge window, it was quite brittle and the top layer came off but has now left a cloudy look on the window. I have tried eucalyptus oil, method and hot soapy water but still not coming off. I have used a razor blade for a small bit but at this rate it will take for ever. Any Suggestions?

  2. I have sprayed an outdoor setting with high gloss white Dulux Metal Shield Epoxy Enamel on a windy day and the part of brick pave not covered by newspaper has become a lighter shade. How do I remove this?

  3. Hi Dr, thanks for yr wealth of solutions – an interesting read.
    My Q is how to revive a faded ‘charcoal ‘ aluminium pool fence? It’s design is thin tubular uprights & would make it quite tedious (@ least 40mt in length) ?

  4. Dr chemical, I have stains in the pillow case ( on my husbands pillow ) the pillow case is maroon and has dark stain on it. He doesn’t use any hair products other Shan shampoo. Have tried laundry spray and soaker to no avail. Cheers Joy

  5. Hi Dr.Chemical
    My mom spill some cleaning chemical for cement on our glass tile and now the tile lost its shine, she try cleaning it but it didn’t work. We try everything to restore its shine but its no use. What can we do.

  6. Hi Professor Chemical,

    Could you please advise me of your email address or contact details and I would like to contact you regarding a project that you might want to do together.

    Kind regards,

  7. Good afternoon,I have a polished and sealed dark marble bathroom floor which when I have all the lights on shows water,soap marks.I have been told to cut it back, repolish and seal.Can you think of an easier way to remove these spots.Kind Regards Tony

  8. Dear Mark,

    Can you please advise me how to remove window tint glue from a fabric car seat. We stripped the tint off some windows and a small piece (approximately 3mm x 1mm) of the sticky glue got stuck on one of the seats. We tried white spirits but the glue is still stuck in the fibres.

    Kind regards,

    Claude Tasmer

    • Hi Dr Chemical. How can I effectively clean the inside of my car windows? I have used Windex, Metho, Washing liquid, Bleach, Glen20 and just about everything known to man but I am always left with a foggy smeary window. I am a driving instructor and it is driving me crazy as I need a clear view when driving.

  9. Hi there – I am unable to find soda ash in any supermarket except the stuff used to balance the pH in pools and spas – is this the same product? This is for cleaning grout on the floor tiles.
    I have also found a product called ‘Grout King’ – it contains 350g/l phosphoric acid – works like a treat but I am wondering how much damage its causing?

    • Yes that’s the right stuff. But you get it from supermarkets at ankle height in the cleaning aisle – it’s a bit hard to find. Where did you find the Grout King – I can’t find any info about it anywhere

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