Shannon Lush Gets it Wrong #9

Shannon Lush on today’s show on 6PR gave possible her most error-riddled performance ever.

  1. A listener rang in on today’s show on 6PR with some stains on a marble table. She told her that since marble was alkaline you couldn’t use any acid on it. This in fact is quite wrong. You can use concentrated hydrochloric acid on marble and it hasn’t affected it. If marble was prone to chemical attack so easily it wouldn’t have been used as a building material for the last several thousand years. Although it is composed of calcium carbonate (like limestone) it has a different crystal structure and is therefore far more chemically resilient. Apparently the stain was orange juice. This would have been easily and quickly removed with an enzymatic cleaner such as White King Powerlift

2. A caller rang in with some rust stains in his sink. The answer given to this was to use lemon and salt. This will not work simply because citric acid is not a strong enough acid for the task. A much better option is a rust converter (such as Ranex) from any automotive accessories store, with Phosphoric Acid as the active ingredient.

3. A caller asked how to clean limestone walls. He was told not to use a pressure sprayer as pressure sprayers “force the dirt into it”. Anyone that has used a HP sprayer on a limestone walls knows that this is utter nonsense.

4. A caller asked how to disinfect his spa. The answer given involved glycerin, talcum powder and panty hose. I wonder how long it will be before a listener laughs out loud at one of her suggestions. The correct answer of course is that it doesn’t need disinfecting if it’s had chlorinated water in it

5. The final caller wanted to know how to clean a microwave. The answer given involved bicarb soda, white vinegar and pantyhose. Bicarb soda and vinegar won’t clean anything, however. Any oven cleaner will work just fine. Use a non-caustic one if the fumes bother you