How do you Remove Red Wine Stains?

If you want to see something surprising, add something alkaline to a red wine stain – you’ll see it turn blue.

This is just another example of a pH-dependant colour. Unlike the beetroot, however, one of the colours is not clear.

So we have to be a little more aggressive, and in this case it means oxidising the stain to bits. We could use bleach for that, but that’s far too aggressive and damages fabrics.

So we’ll use Preen Oxy-Action. It contains peroxide. Just spray it onto the stain, wait a couple of minutes and you’ll see it disappear before your eyes. Then just throw it in the wash and the job’s done.

How do you Remove Beetroot Juice?

Beetroot juice is one of the things that people most have difficulty removing.

But it’s easy – it behaves just like a pH indicator

To remove it, just acidify it. You can use vinegar, or any of the acidic bathroom cleaners such as BAM Easy Off (with sulphamic acid) or AJAX Professional Ultra Bathroom (with phosphoric acid)


BAM vs BAM vs BAM #1

Forget about Kramer vs Kramer – that’s old hat.

Now we have three products bearing the BAM name – but some work better than others, and all is not as it seems…

We have the trigger pack shower cleaner:

We have the BAM Aerosol shower cleaner:

And we have the BAM Easy Off oven cleaner

Now the first thing you’d think is that the shower cleaners are basically the same product, but just in different packs.

Not so – the trigger contains sulphamic acid and the aerosol contains alkaline salts. In other words, the trigger is acidic and the aerosol is alkaline.

This makes no sense at all!

Soap scum and bathroom scale are both alkaline, and so a shower cleaner has to be acidic, and for this reason, the BAM trigger is by far and away the best shower cleaner on the market.

So why isn’t the aerosol acidic as well? Probably because it would create can corrosion issues, even with a double laminated tin-plate can. Essentially, acids are off-limits in aerosol cans.

So they put a couple of surfactants in with some caustic soda (which is an excellent general purpose formula for anything other than soap scum) and hope you won’t notice that it won’t remove the soap scum!

But guess what – it’ll make an excellent all-purpose cleaner for fatty stains on clothes and carpets!

That’s right – if you have a fatty stain on something, squirt on some BAM aerosol and wash it out.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the oven cleaner